Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trying to be grownups

me: Where did all the Picnics go?

him: I was... picnicking. Do you like Turkish Delights? Here, you use the white ones as counters. (Tossing them at Jack) Who likes caramel? Do you like caramel? Do you like the Boost ones? (This may be a box of Cadbury Favorites, it's hard to be sure. You'll note all the really GOOD ones are long gone.)

me: Um, I don't not like them.

him: Good, you take the Turkish Delights and the Boost, I'll..

me: Do we REALLY have to divvy them all up right now? Can you not just leave them in a mixed group so we can eat them like ADULTS?

Jack: I really love these balls.

(Worth noting that a box of Lindt is also on the table. It's happy-happy Christmas time, aka end-of-teaching-year aka welcome to the crazy who is my husband on a sugar high from pilfering fridge goodies. Love it.)


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