Friday, September 24, 2010

And another thing...

And a follow-up: the email I received in response to my polite refusal makes it quite clear I am being invited as an "Old Girl" because so few of us continue to play once we finish school, and gee, what a great opportunity this is to catch up and support our school.

Hm. I nearly quit violin altogether after being victimized in orchestra, I am NOT an "Old Girl" and I've lived locally with not too low a musical profile for, like, ever, so the whole "we will encourage and support you" thing isn't flying. God, I hope they don't say "Oh, her! Yes, former student of the school, you know."

I'm totally holding a grudge. Sue me.

1 comment:

margg. said...

you are not an 'old girl'.

i'd be holding a grudge too!