Sunday, May 9, 2010


Another term, another concert... Another magic release and tournament among friends. Another mothers' day and handing back a friend's dog (we babysat while they honeymooned).

Wait. Their honeymoon's over already? We just went to their wedding... Three weeks ago.
What do you mean it's nearly (ballet) exam time?

That means I have to start thinking about (ballet) concert music. And the next violin concert? A paltry five weeks away, and then it's caberet night, and another (violin) concert...

I'm not sure I can continue at this pace. Don't get me wrong, I make time to sit down and drink coffee. I even read. But between all the little markers of my year, the months are blurring past at a frightening velocity.

I find myself talking about the end of the year, even entertaining the idea of my hypothetical existence in 2011. How do I return to my blissfully ignorant state of week-by-week? Hell, month-by-month would be quite fine.

I am sickeningly certain those days of elysian unawareness may be correlated with a state of no financial obligations. And that since I like having a car and a place to live far more than any reasonable person should, I shall have to stay in the driver's seat.

No smartass remarks about being a passenger, thanks, it doesn't marry well with my control issues.


margg. said...

just be careful you don't wear yourself out.

Lora said...

I totally get this post. I guess this is how it's supposed to be once you grow up and get busy. You can't remember what year something happened, just that whatever it is you are trying to remember happened at the same time as something else.

"When did they get married, you know, we took care of that dog? I think it was the same year as that giant oil spill and all the earthquakes and that volcano... when was that again?..."

Love and peaceful thinking to you.

Matthew said...

If you find a way to slow it all down, I'd very much appreciate you sharing. :)