Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not the most productive of days.

You know those days where you get very little done because you're waiting for something else to happen... All day?

Today has been one of those. This morning: waiting for student (we had a lovely lesson, btw. No running back to give mum a cuddle every five minutes!), then waiting for washing to dry, then attempting to learn this new book 4 piece (argh! Having played a modified version of this in my youth is doing nasty things to my adult brain, which keeps happily exclaiming "Hey! I KNOW thi-ohhhhh, dammit!" Possibly I should just put off learning until I can brainwash myself with the recording.

I did make a really terrific salad for lunch. (clutching skull, moaning "The mundanity! Oh god, the commonplaceness of it all!") beans, tuna, capsicum. Magic. (Yes, I keep magic beans in my cupboard specifically to spice up otherwise boring bean mixes. Bow down before me in awe and wonderment... WONDERMENT, I said!)

But teaching was good fun this afternoon and my kiddies went home happy with hello kitty and origami goodness. Hooray for the hundren yen shop :) and all the blogs out there which have kept me on some kind of conscious track today.

Hey, and today I scored my twentieth follower...(welcome! I'm sorry today's post is so terribly boring! I don't think they're USUALLY this inane, please correct me if this is a horrible misconception) And my fiftieth post.

I would also like to record that compulsively checking my email every fifteen minutes has not encouraged that naughty parent to reply. I am feeling bolstered by your support that this behavior is unacceptable and retaliation (ok, remodelling, I am a SUZUKI teacher) is appropriate. Thank you.

Darling husband would like to note that the clicking of my thumbs as I type this post on my iPod is reminiscent of morse code. Yes. I'm taking paricular care to semaphore my frantic desire for sleep as I blog. Excellent. Onwards to the weekend. (yes, I know today has been Tuesday, but I'm feeling peachy keen.)


ladytruth said...

What?! Only Tuesday today? No wonder the guy at my favorite coctail place looked at me funny.

The Little Jewelry Box said...

Cute post! I am glad to have found your blog!:) Would you like to add one another as followers to help get our names out there in blog world? Have a great day!

omchelsea said...

Well, now it's Wednesday...one day closer to that cocktail...or L bottle of wine!

Matthew said...

Congratulations on your twentieth follower. Here's hoping that Wednesday's students and parents have been kind to you.